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Celebrate Life...Live Every Day...The Stephen Fund

Live Every Day . . . The Joyous Life of Stephen Parker is the title of the illustrated biography on Stephen George William Parker, that contains contributions from many family and friends solicited over a two-year period and assembled into 10 chapters by David F. Parker, edited by Margaret (Parker) Vincent, and currently being published by David W. B. Parker under PTC Communications. Chapter 9 contains Stephen’s own story of his year-long cancer battle prior to his death on May 9, 2010 (Mothers Day).

We originally planned to sell this book at cost (assumed to be about $20 for a run of 100 copies plus about $5 for shipping), but several people have suggested a Stephen Fund be established to memorialize his name through one or more benches in the Beaches communities that he loved. His parents proceeded to fund an initial bench in Atlantic Beach's Johansen Park between his parental home and the beach, named for his first employer, who owned a prestigious restaurant on the beach called Le Chateau (since replaced by condominiums of the same name). A picture of a similar bench is enclosed with this notice, for which the City of Atlantic Beach charges a hefty sum as do other beaches areas. Through The Stephen Fund, we would like to fund additional benches for Stephen and those who have similar interests in remembering those they'd like to remember while providing a place to sit and reflect on this beautiful area.  The first Stephen Bench is inscribed: “Live Every Day . . . Stephen G. W. Parker, 1964-2010.

Therefore, for those who would like to donate to The Stephen Fund and help perpetuate his name and lifestyle, you may contribute any amount over $25 to The Stephen Fund, and receive a copy of Live Every Day . . . in return (see below). We have set up The Stephen Fund as a not-for-profit organization under Florida and Federal regulations to permit charitable tax deductions. It is administered by Stephen’s Mother, Marilynn C. Parker, who is solely responsible for Fund disbursements.

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If you would like to contribute to The Stephen Fund either now or at some future date (and receive a copy of Live Every Day. . .), please send your donation c/o Marilynn C. Parker at 13846 Atlantic Boulevard, #402, Jacksonville, FL 32225 ~ (904) 527-3056,


David F. Parker has published "Live Every Day - The Joyous Life of Stephen Parker"

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