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2014 BBBBA Tournament Logistics from your STOOGE

Welcome bocce fans to the fourth annual Beach Bocce Blast!  As your Supreme Tournament Overlord Of Gaming Excellence (S.T.O.O.G.E.) I ask that you please review these important details regarding game day logistics.  Contact Rob if you have any questions.

DATE: May 31, 2014.

CHECK IN: Mandatory check in for teams begins at noon and all teams must be checked in by 12:30 by their Team Captain.  We may not be able to schedule teams who do not check in on time so please be prompt! If you want to play but are not on a team, check in by noon and I will find you a team!  You must be present to check in.

KICK OFF MEETING: There will be a kick off meeting at 12:45 which is mandatory for all Team Captains and other players are encouraged to attend.  It will be at the tournament tent on the beach and games will commence after the meeting.

EVENT PREPARATION:  If you have not already done so please review the Bocce Blast Tournament Rules prior to the tournament and let me know if you have any questions or you feel anything needs clarification.  See link to rules on the website below:

Players are encouraged to bring the following on tournament day:

  • BOCCE BALL SET if you have one
  • Small tape measure or other measuring device
  • Coin for coin tosses
  • Extra sun screen (in case yours explodes on an opposing player)
  • Friends and family to cheer you on!
  • Food, beverages, coolers, etc. – Stay hydrated!
    • We’ll be enjoying hot dogs on the grill around 6PM and any contributions you want to make to the cookout (chips, slaw, potato salad, etc.) are appreciated! Try to let me know ahead of time what you plan to bring and THANK YOU!
    • BYOB and bring some for yourself too
  • Drums or other mobile musical instruments for the Hell No parade
  • Anything else for a fun day on beach!
    • If you bring beach blankets, chairs, etc. please don’t set up right in front of tournament tent as you may be bombarded with bocce balls…


Rob Turner

2014 Bocce Beach Blast Information

The Stephen Fund - Beach Bocce Blast Tournament

The 2014 Stephen G.W. Parker Memorial Beach Bocce Blast


Join us on sunny Jacksonville Beach for our 4th Annual Stephen G. W. Parker Memorial Beach Bocce Blast All-Terrain Bocce Tournament, that’s right, the SGWPMBBBATBT.

This is an ALL-TERRAIN bocce tournament so be prepared to play wherever you happen to place your balls, even if they may go to a location that may be detrimental to their overall health!  Get them sandy, get them wet, get them dinged up, toss them into a trashy hole…wheresoforth goeth the ball, thou goest.

Put your bocce ball blasting skills to the test in this casual competition open to all ages and levels of skill.  Enjoy a day of fun in the sun competing for the coveted title of “Biggest Balls on the Beach!!!” as well as many other awards.  Registration is open to anyone looking for friendly bocce competition and not afraid to get a little sand on your balls.

Note that this year the games may start in the afternoon to coincide with low tide and a feast to follow.  Logistics to be communicated to Team Captains before the event.  Get on a team or captain your own team before the event’s first toss-off.



Not a bocce enthusiast? No problem! Come out to cheer on your favorite team and enjoy the beach. Fun for everyone!

Please contact Rob with any inquiries regarding the tourney.

Important Links:

Note: These docs are in MS Word. Contact Rob if you cannot open them.

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