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The BBBBA 2015 Tournament Final Statement from our Leader

FROM:  S.T.O.O.G.E. (Rob Turner)

Thanks everyone for making our fifth annual Beach Bocce Blast a huge success! Our tournament continues to grow with 14 teams battling in the sand this year. Congratulations to newcomers AM Lumber for capturing the coveted Biggest Balls On The Beach award with a big thumbs up to all teams and subs for a fun and spirited competition. As usual Buddy and Harriet threw down a fantastic feast with your delicious contributions and our Master of Awards Dave “Whale Balls” Parker recognized exceptional play and sportsmanship by our outstanding participants. See team rankings below and I hope to see you again next year!

1 AM Lumber
2 HB is FJ!!!!
3 C’mon Now!
4 Damn Yankees
5 Finkelicious
6 Hell Nos
7 Low Hanging Fruit
8 Harriatrix
9 Super Duper Double Bubble Ball Blasters
10 Sand Goats
11 Gino Vasalino and the Ballbreakers
12 Fuzzy Balls
13 The Fresh Balls of Belaire
14 Surf Criminals