The 2015 Stephen Parker Bocce Ball Beach Blast Memorial Tournament

The 2015 Stephen Parker Bocce Ball Beach Blast Memorial Tournament was another year of continued success in the efforts to create fun in the sun and Bocce on the Beach.  Thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed the day at the beach and especially to those who handled their set of balls.

The Introductory video was another success as we kicked off the tournament with some scenes from last year as well as an introduction for the new teams to what we do and how we do it.  Watch the video here!

The team to beat from 2014 was the compilation of such tremendous talent it was nearly hard to believe there would be any chance for any other ballers.  C’MON NOW! was ready to go with AJ, Jackie, David, and the new Matt.  Things were not to go as planned.

The upstarts from Jacksonville Beach, A. M. Lumber, were hell bent on annihilating the field, and that they did.  The team of Brian, Brad, Mike, and Doug were not to be denied as they finished the regular play undefeated by defeating the defending champs, C’MON NOW! in a close 15-11 match.

A. M. Lumber matched up against the only other undefeated team on the day during regular play, perennial ballers HB is FJ.  Though HB is FJ strode in to the final with confidence, they were unable to dent the armor of the A. M. Lumber team managing not a single point during the Final.  HB is FJ, with a refined crew of Mike, Stevan, Dave, and Shawn again retained the runner up title for the second time in three years.  Ever the Bridesmaid, never the bride.

The awards were given followed by the Parade and a pile of juicy weiners from the Host with the Most.  Thanks to the Turners and to RT specifically for being the best STOOGE known to mankind.  The awards were as follows:

  • The Biggest Balls on the Beach – A. M. Lumber – Brian, Brad, Mike, Doug
  • The Nearly Unbeaten Balls – HB is FJ – Mike, Stevan, Dave, Shawn
  • Tightest Balls – A. M. Lumber – Brian, Brad, Mike, Doug – 4.5 inches radius and they still didn’t win the point thanks to the precision of C’MON NOW! front man, Dave “Whale Balls” Parker
  • Longest Kiss – Mike from A. M. Lumber – 45 feet of luscious love
  • Master Blaster – Brad from A. M. Lumber – an 8 point turner
  • Virgin Baller – Amanda from the Super Duper Double Bubble Ball Blasters
  • Youngest Baller – Andrew from Finkelicious – a 14 year old giant
  • Oldest Baller – David “Whale Balls” Sr. – 81 years old of solid knowledge
  • Juiciest Weiner – Harriett – pounds of delightful dripping meat
  • The Money Shot – unclaimed this year due to everyone playing to perfection
  • Sweetest Sack – Jacob from the Fresh Balls of Belair
  • Tenderest Baller – Connor from the Fresh Balls of Belair

We had such a tremendous number of teams this year, it was hard to fit them all on the beach.  Fortunately the tide cooperated almost perfectly with a low tide right around mid day.  The teams battled hard.  Here are the teams as per our STOOGE:

  • A. M. Lumber
  • HB is FJ!
  • C’MON NOW!
  • Harriatrix
  • The Fresh Balls of Belair
  • The Sand Goats
  • Damn Yankees
  • Super Duper Double Bubble Ball Blasters
  • Finkelicious
  • Surf Criminals/Hell YES!
  • Gino Vasalino and the Ballbreakers!
  • Low Hanging Fruit
  • Hell No!
  • Fuzzy Balls
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